You can now check in for face-to-face appointments on our website or app without needing to tell reception you've arrived, or use the self-check in screen.


  • open the app or visit our website 
  • click the button called ‘Arrive Yourself for Face-to-Face Appointment’
  • follow the on screen instructions
  • hey presto, you’re done, we know you have arrived for your face-to-face appointment
  • just take a seat and wait to be called
You will need to be within 100 yards of the surgery for this system to work

You can also do this on our website, but you would need to search for our website on Google or Bing by searching New Surgery Pencoed, and then follow the steps above.

You may find this easier by doing it through our app.

If you don’t have our app, click the link below to download it.

Download our App 

Download for Apple

Download for Anroid 

See what you can do in the app in the video below